Maritime Piracy, Terrorism, and Kidnap

Seamanship, safety and security go hand in hand. Yacht-Secure International are experts in superyacht and maritime security. Together with partner organizations we provide a unique range of services which offer advice, training and appropriate yacht certification for yachts of all sizes (power and sail) for all maritime security risks.

These services reflect the new standards of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) and appropriate certification under the Code.

Our bespoke services are available to anyone involved in superyachts particularly:

Why the Need?

The world has become a more uncertain and threatening place. There is an increased risk of international maritime terrorism both ashore and afloat as well as the ever present risk of maritime piracy. High net worth individuals, their guests and crew, are increasingly aware and need to respond to maritime threats posed by the current worldwide instability and lawlessness.

In the year 2003 alone pirate attacks rose by over 30% and more than 400 vessels of all sizes were boarded with increased violence used in the attacks. In European waters kidnap and extortion are also rising and marina incidents are on the increase.

The ISPS Code: The new security benchmark

In response to these threats, and particularly to that of terrorism, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) introduced the ISPS Code which has been effective worldwide from 1st July 2004. A fundamental aspect of qualification for certification under the Code will be the need for Yacht Skippers to become qualified as Vessel Security Officers (Yachts).

Yacht-Secure Ltd, YSI’s partner company, established the world’s first fully approved course designed specifically for the security training of yacht skippers. It was approved in October 2003 by The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), the body responsible for the implementation of the ISPS Code for UK registered or British flagged vessels.

Whilst yacht certification under the Code will only be a legal requirement for yachts carrying more than twelve paying passengers or being certificated at over 500 grt, the ISPS Code provides an extremely useful benchmark against which the owners and skippers of other yachts may judge their level of security.

Yacht certification and a proven yacht security plan will give everyone on board, including the owner’s family and guests, greater peace of mind.

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