Designing, Building & Re-Fitting Charter Yachts

ISPS Code: Reaching ISPS Code standards for charter yachts

From commencement of design or building of a new vessel or where existing vessels are refitted, we offer consultancy which will prepare the vessel for an MCA ISPS Code inspection. Yacht-Secure works with naval architects and yacht builders to avoid expensive and time-consuming alterations after completion.

The ISPS Code sets the new standard for superyacht security as well as for many smaller vessels. Whilst only certain vessels will be required to be certificated under the ISPS Code, most prudent owners will want a new yacht to reach the same benchmark of security.

The ISPS Code requires that specified equipment is fitted to the yacht and that it has certain security features. Clearly it is better for these to be incorporated at the design stage rather than as expensive alterations later.

Likewise the period prior to refitting charter yachts is a good opportunity for an owner or skipper to arrange for a security assessment so that necessary alterations or additions to equipment can be made during the refit with the minimum disturbance to the vessel’s program.

Please contact Yacht-Secure International when you are ready to design or build your yacht, prepare for an MCA ISPS Code inspection, or a security assessment of your vessel.

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