Going Blue Water Cruising? Get Anti-Piracy Training

Anti-Piracy Training: Be aware, attacks against yachts are on the increase – up by over 30% year on year – and the amount of violence used in the attacks is increasing too.

Authenticated stories are manifold: yachtsmen robbed of money, jewellery, passports and electronic equipment; yachtsmen attacked with knives and guns; and yachts stolen or hijacked. The map on the right indicates areas where there have been attacks in recent years

Each story we hear reinforces our belief that yacht owners, their family, crew and guests, who go blue water cruising to exotic, beautiful and apparently peaceful places are taking an unnecessary risk if they go without anti-piracy training.

Yacht-Secure offers a one-day anti-piracy training course for amateur yachtsmen. It will include a security assessment of their yacht as well as on-board practical advice about avoiding or dealing with attack.

If you are planning to go blue water cruising to a faraway location, we invite you to contact us as soon as possible to discuss your plans. We offer the confidence of good preparation in an area in which we are expert.

Whilst certification under the Code will only be a legal requirement for yachts over 500 grt or carrying more than twelve paying passengers, prudent yachtsmen can gain the same standard of training by qualifing as a Vessel Security Officer (Yacht) through our two day shore-based course.

If you who are interested either in qualifying as Vessel Security Officer (Yacht) or yacht certification under the ISPS Code, please contact us.

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