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Yacht-Secure International

Yacht-Secure International is an alliance between US-based HudsonTrident Maritime Security Services and UK-based Yacht-Secure Ltd. to promote yacht security in the US and Canada and provide maritime security assessment and training to yacht owners, Skippers, crew and other personnel involved in maritime security.


HudsonTrident, the wholly owned subsidiary of Hudson Marine Management Services, is recognized worldwide as a leading provider of maritime security assessment, plan writing and training. The company, which specializes in ISPS Code compliance services, has conducted assessments and written ISPS Code-certified security plans for more than 600 commercial vessels trading internationally.

In October 2003 the company gained MCA approval for the world’s first specialist course to train Ship Security Officers specifically for yachts.

Yacht-Secure Limited

Yacht-Secure Limited was created by MUSC to service the needs of the superyacht industry in response to the requirement under the ISPS Code for certain classifications of superyachts to be certificated, and to provide yacht security back-up for smaller vessels whose owners plan to go blue water cruising. The directors of the company comprise maritime security professionals with life long experience in the industry as well as experienced blue water yachtsmen.

MUSC which is the premier international consultancy supplying security advice and services to governments, flag states, shipping companies, oil installations and harbour authorities. It has been doing this for over 30 years. MUSC was closely involved in the drafting of sections of the new ISPS code and has contracts worldwide for its implementation. It was the first company in Europe to run courses with MCA approval for Ship Security Officers and in October 2003 gained the first full ISPS Code certification for a ship in the UK.

Yacht-Secure International and HudsonTrident are working together to bring you yacht security.

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